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Latest news about Renault Latitude

Official Photos

I leave here the promotional images that Renault has taken to launch its new sedan, the Renault Latitude.

fotografías oficiales (21 images)

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Renault analysis Latitude -

Born of an alliance that keeps Renault, Nissan and Samsung, Renault Latitude emerges as a global model, its configuration adaptable to different countries where your target market while retaining in all its status as representation sedan. For this, the Latitude draws much of its character in a generous size reaching 4.89 meters long by 1.83 wide and a height of 1.49 meters, allowing a carrier which have concentrated much of its attractive. Its performance in terms of space, comfort and refinement, will confirm the mark in its bodywork combine all the experience that is able to display and where the user becomes a central focus of their efforts.

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Renault Interior Latitude

Now for one of the strengths of the new Renault sedan, the interior. With its 4.9 m eters long, the habitability of the Latitude can leave more of a surprise, although not all space, we must also take into account the quality of course materials and overall aesthetics.

I think that seeing images on the following words.

imágenes del interior (16 images)

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First images of Renault Latitude

Today we officially started December 1 Club Renault Latitude, hope it will continue online for a long time and then create a large community of friends around the new Renault sedan, it seems that this time the French have learned from their mistakes with the Vel Satis and created a really nice car.

For displays, these are the first images that came to light of Renault Latitude:

primeras imágenes (10 images)

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