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Latest news about Renault Latitude

The luxury does not have to be expensive

Begins to market the Latitude, the upgraded car in the Renault range, powerful and fully equipped to the highest level

The luxury does not have to be expensive

Those seeking a large saloon with high quality fittings with enough interior space, do not have to spend tens of thousands of euros to get a car like that.

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Foreign Video Renault Latitude

Since youtube and thanks to we bring you a video of the details mostly outside of the new Renault Llatitude, but at the end of the video we have pictures of the interior.

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The Latitude Renault not sold in Germany

This week we bring you a Notice left us a little "ice" because of its rarity and its implications for Latitude Renault sales in the European market. Why ?.... Does what we know from the website

When it seemed that the storm had subsided deciding caused by Renault Samsung SM5 brought to Europe under the Renault name Latitude, the can of worms is open again. Looking back, at first the model was very repudiated for they thought that would be focused on the premium segment, and from the beginning it was obvious that would not get very far.

Over time, the French company was dropping the approach of the car was not that it was geared to a general public who wanted a classic car to the Renault Laguna, as Sergio was able to see our contact test . However, Renault is now contradicts the claim that the car will not be sold openly in Germany because it would have little to do with the average sedan native premium brands, as these would be their main rivals.

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Latitude Renaul Test

From the website today we bring you this test both performance and aesthetics and equipment.

"... We were able to conduct the first test drive the new Renault Latitude, which completes the range of cars, the French manufacturer at the upper end. It is a saloon, nearly five feet long, classic-style body with three volumes and the comfort and luxury as targets.

Key points

  • Is large, 4.89 meters long with a wheelbase increased compared to Laguna
  • Three diesel engines 150, 175 and 240 hp and a 140 hp gasoline.
  • Half price and size sedan and luxury sedan equipment.

Could improve

  • In Spain will be too close to the Laguna.
  • Some non-luxury liners.

One of the most important features of Latitude is that Renault is a car "global" alliance Renault-Nissan-Samsung, which will be sold on five continents through Renault or Samsung depending on the market that is addressed . It was conceived jointly by the departments of design of the brand in France and Samsung in Korea, a country that is made for everyone.

You can see the full article

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Latitude Renaul Video Presentation

Today we bring you a video we found on Youtube of Latitude Renault, has left us speechless.

An amazing video, and not what car shows, if not for the beauty of its realization.

After seeing the seats that massage the truth that makes you want to buy one now:)

What do you think the video?

January 24, 2011 at 19:37 Give us your opinion about that new

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