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The new flagship brand of diamond

The Latitude is a three-volume saloon to the upper segment, with 4.90 meters long, 1.83 m wide, 1.48 m tall and a wheelbase of 2.76 meters or battle. In the front highlights the directional bi-xenon headlights and a large chrome grille. The marked wheel arches, the great arch that frames the chrome side glass surface and enhance the overall long hood and the car offers a modern and elegant silhouette.

In the rear lights, large, horizontal design, LED technology is used as a supplement to traditional lighting. By opening the doors, color TFT screen in the center block the driver receives instruments and lights up gradually. When starting the vehicle, as the rest of the panel, LED backlit, needles sweep the 2 screens and displayed the rankings.

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Renault Latitude 2.0 dCi 150 hp. No two without three

The French manufacturer Renault returns to a segment that has not met with full success, the saloons, which had examples like the Safrane and Vel Satis models, which did not meet a priori expectations, perhaps because generalist brands point to this type of sedan without excessive conviction.

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Renault Latitude, a saloon anticrisis

Renault's new Latitude not only offers space and an overall design, but quality accessories to let you open-mouthed. All, a very interesting price, 27,100 euros. A traditional sedan, which seeks not move by design, but for its comfort and space, so I would say that is a worthy successor to the Safrane that was marketed in the mid-90

Is an automobile manufactured in Korea on the basis of Samsung SM5, but has the quality of fits and materials to be expected from any Renault sold in the European market. The 2.0 dCi 150 hp engine is very progressive, which delivers power smoothly from the 2,000 rpm.Va joined a six-speed manual gearbox, whose operation is correct, though perhaps somewhat crude in their operation.

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Latitude: the new high-end sedan Renault

Its body size saloon and generous -4.9 m long, ie 20 cm above the Laguna-do not lie: the new Renault Latitude and belongs to the club sedan made for the road. Thanks to its large trunk with a capacity of several suitcases and a bag of golf -511 liters, 477-spare wheel, driver and yours can enjoy a long vacation without worry of luggage.
When you open the door, the driver's seat moves back so that he can sit without effort, after which it returns to the stored position. The driver also appreciate the access card and start up "free hand" that enables the closure to move away from the vehicle.

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Renault Latitude, the elegance of a saloon flag Reference

Renault, true to its values, proposes some vehicles that meet the exacting standards of the mark on design, innovation and quality. Latitude, the new saloon Renault offers comfort features and unprecedented onboard comfort. Balanced proportions, which expresses power front, rear design robust and dynamic: the Renault Latitude combines poise and elegance.

Its generous dimensions offer comfortable and spacious interior.

The rear passengers even have the best value in the segment (251 mm) in terms of available space for the knees.

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