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Latest news about Renault Latitude

Size is important to travel more comfortable

Since the time of Vell Satis, Renault did not make a sedan the size of the Latitude, vehicle that is noticeably roomier than the Laguna and its price, from 24,000 euros, it is almost unbeatable against cars of similar category.

In the world of saloon representation, and the Latitude can be part of this select group, size is important to offer comfort to passengers not only before but also plenty of room in the rear for long legs continue to be an advantage in the car. Note that the ideal number of occupants is four, because in this way enjoy a space adequate in width.

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A more ambitious than its sedan sibling Laguna

One of the qualities of the Renault range is its diversity. There is a model for almost every taste and need (always in the context in which general move marks of course) and that helps them achieve their business goals. And since this year has increased its offer with a new sedan called the Latitude, which stands just above the popular Laguna.

The newcomer actually derived from another model under the Samsung brand is sold in South Korea. Its four-door body has a classic look and elegant, perhaps without much personality but rather on the line than usual in this segment. It is generously sized, which not only gives more packaging but also have a decisive bearing on his good habitability.

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Interior Renault Latitude

From Youtube, we can see a video of the interior details of Renault Latitude.

From the dashboard, through the camera system for parking assistance, ending with the boot.

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Renault Latitude: spacious, comfortable, safe and cheap

Unlike some of its competitors who have chosen to take a step back and launch a model more akin to a lower segment, the French manufacturer insists on competing with high-end cars.

What it has done is raised from the global brand position to be, and not from a European merely makes it difficult for them to leave the accounts, taking into account the high investment involved a car of this type, then will be sold in a limited way. Hence, the new Latitude reach the European market from South Korea where, for 10 years, Renault owns Samsung Motors.

Take the base of the new SM5, the intermediate sedan Samsung, which has been developed taking as its starting point the current Laguna excellent platform appropriately widened and extended, thereby unifying the technology since until now, had used source platforms Nissan.

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Renault Latitude: comfort as a principle

The new Renault sedan Latitude is a classic profile (three volumes) with generous dimensions that measures 4.89 meters long, 1.83 wide and a height of 1.49 meters, allowing a carrier which have largely concentrated of its appeal to be completely dedicated to the welfare of the occupants.

With it, Renault returned to a category that is not new at all as a manufacturer but that it has been elusive in their latest releases. Representing large sedans have long been fertile ground for premium brands, but the Latitude is to crack open a base of massive amounts of comfort and quality

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